Thursday, August 21, 2008


that ethereal place
that baptismal river flowing through my fingers
pushing and pulling, lulling me hypnotic
craggy faces mask the twists and turns
unto ocean depths untoward

all I see is what I feel
suppressed beneath the current and the blinding sunset light
peaks and valleys do not hide, they are not seen
fingers feeling firmament
firm is the spiritual grip supine
weak is the clasping hand, grasping watery straws

Monday, August 4, 2008

Kern River


you look a little haggard
we all looked a little worn
the sun and the rocks and the water didn't have to exert any special force
or divine power
we willingly mingled with their nature
stubborn, hot, rugged and raging
cool local beer and plain local women
never seemed so pleasant
so simple
deception is the name of the game
undercurrents and murky water that shimmers like gold
a closer look reveals the truth
but don't look too closely
or too long
you'll be swept away, another number on the sign